MW Lash Serum

No. 1 Best Seller Product in Japan

‼It is proven‼
helps stimulate lash growth and keep lashes healthy,
thicker and fuller within 2-3 weeks‼


Has sold over 1,000 pieces per month
by salon users and sub-distributors in Thailand

MW Lash Serum : Brush-on application

Developed by The ophthalmologist from Japan, Dr. Thom.
Clinical cosmetic brand straight to your doorstep
to help your eyelash longer, fuller healthier within 3 weeks.

💜Super Efficiency

✅ Promotes healthy hair growth and help lashes grow thicker significantly
✅ Stimulate new hair growth with amazing results within 2-3 weeks (continuously use is required)
✅ Easy to apply with blush-on application, helps to increase the efficiencies to nourish all over lashes and brows
✅ Helps the eyelash extensions last longer than ever (with Aloe Vera extract)
✅ Oil-Free lash serum. Recommend to use during wearing eyelash extensions (does not reduce the effectiveness of glue)

💜Important Ingredients

Water, BG, Aloe Vera Liquid-1
polyquaternium-51, trehalose, 
tocopheryl acetate, xanthan gum, 
PEG-60 hydrogenated castor oil, 
sodium benzoate, methylparaben