Ella Baché

With outstanding uniqueness of INT-EX Beauty technology,
to integrate with the natural extracts that help to rejuvenate
the skin at the cellular level.

Discover the beauty revolution with Ella Bache,
made-in-France skin cares since 1936

Tomato Radiance Toner

Aqueous extract of organic liquified tomato skin, radiance and anti-oxidant

Lactic probiotics help to strengthen the skin and protect the skin from pollution

White agaric extract helps to smooth and toning the skin

This toning water for all skin types reinforces the natural protection of your skin all day long, for a healthy glow effect. Ideal for a burst of radiance after a make-up remover or mask, this tonic water moisturizes your skin and helps to smooth the texture.

Eyelash Make-up Remover

-Point Remover-

Squalane of nourishing olive oil

Fortified Castor Oil Fatty Acids

Mascara and eyeshadow, even the most resistant, dissolved and eyelashes nourished and fortified. With repeated use, even the weakest eyelashes become extremely healthy. Suitable for sensitive eyes.

Tomato Cleansing Oil

-Cleansing Oil-
Omega 6 & 9 extracted from grapes which have hydrolipidic film that helps to moisturized the skin

Gamma-oryzanol extracted from rice bran, helps to protect and fortify the skin

Lycopene is an antioxidant and helps growing the skin

The Original Tomato Cream

-Face Cream-
Iconic since 1936, the Tomato Cream is rich in vitamins, fruit acids, lycopene for long lasting hydration and a glowing complexion.

Suitable for all skin type and sensitive skin

Anti-oxidant and moisturized the skin with organic Hydro-glycerinated Tomato extract

Radiance revealing with Fruits Acids

Oxygenating Plant Ruscogenin

Tomato Eye Serum

-Eye Care-
5 in 1 Eye Serum
Citrus helps to reduce dark circles under eyes

Glycerin helps to moisturized the skin around eye area
Flavonoid helps to reduce swelling
Lycopene extracted from tomato helps antioxidant
Pearl helps to smooth fine lines

Tomato Healthy-Glow Cream (Moisturizer)

-Face Cream-
Recommend for all skin type
Light texture. Enrich with vitamins, helps to reduces fine lines.

Apples, grapes and apricot extracts helps to refresh, fortify, antioxidant, prevent wrinkles

Each skin is unique and expresses its evolving nutritional needs. That’s why the diagnosis has to done before any treatment prescription.
Ella Bache provides the right products lines for 5 skin concerns to bring back your smooth, radiant, youthful and beautiful skin.


✅ Ella Perfect : For dull, uneven skin
✅ Hydra Repulp’ : For de-hydrated skin
✅ Sensibeautics’ : For sensitive skin
✅ Pur’ Aromatics : For oily and acne skin
✅ Green Lift : For wrinkles and fine lines