BLUE CROSS Cuticle Care

Blue Cross Cuticle Remover : Lanolin-enriched to nourish fingertips and toenails, prepping nails is practically effortless.

It does not contain any acids which is safe to use. No matter how often the service is performed, the fingers or heels definitely not decomposed. 

Guaranteed quality with our best seller quantities, 1000 bottles per month.
Excellent performance, affordable price. Its quality has been accepted among salon users.

Wave Goodbye to brittle nails and dry cuticle
Simply apply the formular to cuticles,
LANOLIN enriched helps to enhance the overall look
of fingernails, leaving nail beds clean, moisturized,
nourished, and healthier than before.

in cuticle care

The preferred choice of manicurists
and beauticians for over 90 years

Routine Use – Routine use of Blue Cross Cuticle Remover has been proven to help gently remove dry, unwanted and overgrown cuticles quickly & easily.