Diva Supply is being the leading importer and distributor of top quality nail products in Thailand,
founded in 2006 by experienced professionals who have been successful in the salon business for over 20 years.

The good news is that Diva Supply is a distributor of nail products, Eyelash, Skin care and Wax from Europe,
USA and Japan Top-rated brands by professionals and widely accepted by users in countries around the world.

“We offer world-class products” for both end-users and salon business users.
We have store with a retailer-wholesaler under the name DIVA SUPPLY.

Ryuichi Sato
Managing Director

Our company was founded in Bangkok in 2006 as an importer and distributor of high quality beauty products from overseas. I used to work as a consultant for a Japanese IT company, but my Thai wife owned a beauty salon, and about 20 years ago, I helped her import nail care products for use there, which is how I got started in the beauty business in earnest. 

Going back even further, when I was in college, I studied abroad in the U.S. When I returned to Japan from the U.S., I bought a large quantity of inexpensive Taiwanese cosmetics and sold them at a Sunday market in Tokyo. Probably since that time, I have been interested in importing and selling beauty products. The name of our company, Diva, means goddess in Greek.We named our company Diva with the idea of making all women as beautiful as goddesses. 

Our products are professional products used in salons and spas. Most of our customers are salon owners and technicians who are familiar with beauty products. Therefore, we carefully select and provide only high-quality, highly effective products that our customers, who have strict professional standards, are convinced to choose. 

We also strive to provide excellent training and after-sales service, and furthermore, we never run out of products, so that our customers can continue to receive reliable service after purchasing our products. Our policy is to always consider the success of our customers, to respond with integrity and responsibility, and to always continue to take on challenges without fear of change. 

We will continue to provide safe and high quality products and services to transform many women into more beautiful women, to boost the Thai beauty industry, and to contribute to the further development of Thailand.


Our client achivement and goals are our priority, Every product and every services have selected for the best by our CEO himself. To become one of the finest selected beauty supply we have the stongest team.

Sales Executive

Our professional sales team does not only focus on selling or recommending the products but we provide the consulting service for new salon opener. With more than 15 years of our salon experience which is transformed into recommendations for the benefit of customers such as service principle, problems and solutions, up-selling technique, and pricing strategy. We also keep updating product information and beauty trends to encourage our customers to run their business smoothly.


Our instructor team has more than 10 years of experience working in the real salons. They are trained at the instuctor level directly from the brand owner that enable them to transfer all the techniques from the begining until the end of the training and continue to give the advice even after the training is over. The quality is guaranteed by more than 100,000 learners. We focus on the teaching in “hand-on-hand” with working technique and service introduction, including the solutions that oftenly found in work.


We are ready to be a part of supporting the business of our customers by searching and selecting high quality products, updating trends of products and services in salon business to utilize the information for our customers to create up to date services and stay ahead of the competitor.

Maintenance Team

We control product quality to meet the standard before delivering to the customers. And provide after-sales maintenace service by our expert technicians wha have experience in spa chairs for more than 6 years. We also have a systematic spare parts management to ensure the long-term use of customers.


We check the order, pack and deliver the products to customers safely and quickly. Our customers do not worry about losing the opportunity to make money. We are ready to take care and immediately coordinate within a team to help our customers going through any problems either product or service issues.

Stocks & QC

We have a products storage system that helps to store the quality products. We also have an efficient warehouse to store the products with 24-hour security system to prevent the damage that may occur to the products.

Purchase team

Forecast the purchase of products to be sufficient to continuously meet the needs of customers and prevent shortage in order to support customer business continuity. We also have a professional team to legally register the products through the Food and Drug Administration. So our customers can be confident that every product is safe according to FDA law.


Take care of finances in order to ensure the correctness of the payment and facilitating customers to access payment channels as easily, conveniently, and as quickly as possible.


Thank you for let us to be a part of your business successful.