Eyelash Serum from Japan

Helps to nourish and strengthen eyelashes,
and helps to protect against hair loss.

Recommend to use during wearing eyelash extensions.

💙 Benefits of AVANCE

✅ Helps to nourish and strengthen eyelash
✅ Helps to promote longer and fuller lashes
✅ An amazing result within 2 weeks (continuously use is neccesary)
✅ Helps to stimulate blood circulation and eyelash growth from roots to the ends.
✅ Helps to moisturize the eyelashes (with carrot extract, Sodium Hyaluronate and Protein from silk extract

❌ No color, no fragrant, gentle formula to sensitive skin
❌ Oil-free, recommend to use during wearing eyelash extensions or lifting

💙 Instruction

1. Apply from the roots to the top
2. For the best result, it is recommend to use in the morning and before bed time after face wash.

💙 Recommendation

1. Avoid contact with eyes
2. Recommend to use daily for amazing results

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