“In the 80s, people had no idea how empowering nail color could be because the industry never told them. OPI set out to permanently change the message of nails and give everyone a vast array of colors worthy of their strength and potential. OPI’s vision has always been to help you express who you are and who you want to be. ”As the #1 nail salon brand worldwide, we are committed to providing unlimited shades and the highest quality products, artistry, and technique. From our award-winning colors to innovative effects, treatments, and devices, we give you the inspiration, you put the “I” in OPI.


OPI® Nail Lacquer
 The award winning, vibrant formula that nails the salon look.

Legit shine. Iconic color. GelColor is our professional gel nail polish system with up to 3 weeks of head-turning wear and a glossssy finish.

OPI® Essentials
Treat your nails with the bestselling nail strengtheners and treatments that protect against chipping. peeling, and splitting for healthy-looking, beautiful nails.

OPI® Pro Spa
The nourishing creams and cuticle oil will soften and smooooth hands and feet.