What is Depilieve?

How does the paraffin work for your skin?
World no.1 brand of beauty products from Spain
Products from Depileve have been selling to 91 countries
around the world. One of the best seller is paraffin
which is used for hand and foot care services.

Depileve paraffin wax dip contains Vitamin E and oil that 
replenishes the skins moisture levels for long lasting hydration.

Benefits of using paraffin wax

✅ helps to relieve your fingers from locking
✅ helps to reduce muscle tension
✅ helps to stimulate blood circulation
✅ helps to relieve arthritis pain, muscle inflammation and swollen feet
✅ Decreases inflammation of connective tissue

Paraffin warmer

Professional paraffin warmer made from easy-clean flame-retardant ABS. The precision temperature control within one degree makes it perfect for paraffin treatments that require a stabilized body temperature. It is portable and lightweight. It also has an extra deep insert to allow for complete immersion of hands and feet. Includes a transparent lid to keep an eye on the level of paraffin and its melting process.

Peach Paraffin

Restore your skin’s optimal levels of hydration and fight against the formation of free radicals with the peach paraffin treatment. Its formula also contains avocado oil, rich in vitamins D and E, as well as Monoï de Tahiti Oil, which hydrates and nourishes, leaving the skin more suppler and smooth.

Tea Tree Paraffin.

Tea tree paraffin oil is the perfect treatment to moisturise feet. Its energizing and stimulating effect thanks to the ginger and thyme essential oil, as well as the antiseptic properties of the tea tree itself, cleanse and protect the skin of the feet whilst providing a refreshing sensation

Tropical Paraffin

New paraffin enriched with Mango Oil, Vitamin E and F, to obtain an intense moisturizing with a delicious and revitalizing aroma. Provides a healthy, luminous and self protected skin.

Dermo Spray

Antiseptic lotion formulated to cleanse the skin and get rid of any impurities. Respects the skin’s natural pH, leaving it in perfect condition for subsequent treatments, such as paraffin.

Dermo Peel

Mechanical exfoliant specially formulated for hands. Primes the skin and facilitates the penetration of active ingredients by effectively getting rid of dead skin cells. It also stimulates the regeneration of skin cells.

AHA Hydrate

Hand cream with alpha hydroxy Acid. Quick absorbing moisturizing cream that keeps hands looking young and smooth.

Fruit-derived AHAs (alpha hydroxy acids) Boost cell renewal thanks to their exfoliating effect.

Oat Oil Provides elasticity to the skin, leaving it feeling soft.


Collagen-Elastin Plus

This collagen and elastin emulsion has an intense firming and moisturizing action. Designed to be applied before paraffin, it is ideal for home use to firm up and moisturize the body and noticeably relieve dry skin.

Protective Bags

These protective liners are used to create an occlusive effect, which is essential in manicure and pedicure treatments with paraffin, and to maintain cleanliness of slippers or mittens.


Terrycloth cotton-lined mittens with adjustable Velcro closure. They maximise heat retention in paraffin treatments. They can be warmed up in the towel heater.