A beauty-revolution that started in 1936 in Paris with one of the first pharmacist woman who became one of the pioneer icon of skincare.
With a deep vision of the beauty and the skin, she looks for innovating solutions: as a pioneer, she introduces the skin diagnosis prior to any beauty prescription, she specializes in food actives, develops the first MY EPIL depilatory wax in a ready-to-use bands format along with the machine to produce them.

Pioneer again, her laboratory makes skincare step into the connected beauty era by developing revolutionary technologies of diagnosis and skincare. Ella Baché is known for her repairing textures adapted to extreme climates and skin conditions: Eyelash Make-up Remover, Intex Cream, Royal Cream, Magistral Hydra-Cationic 17.9% and Rejuvenium… About the INTEX Cream, that is iconic since 1958 : the study of the treatment given to the serious burn victims from war gives birth to a deep repairing formula with a texture that penetrates into “the core of the skin”.


Each skin is unique and expresses its evolving nutritional needs. That’s why the diagnosis has to done before any treatment prescription.

Ella Bache provides the right products lines for 5 skin concerns to bring back your smooth, radiant, youthful and beautiful skin.


Indulge in the power of hydration and rejuvenation with ELLA BACHÉ’s perfect facial treatment products. Rediscover your skin’s natural beauty with a touch of hydrated, bright and radiance.

1,250 THB

Tomato Cleansing Milk
200ml – 6.76 F2L.OZ.

Anti-pollution 2-in-1 face and eye comfort cleanser which efficiently eliminates impurities and removes make-up for pollution-free, clear and glowing skin.

1,250 THB

Tomato Radiance Toner
200ml – 6.76 FL.OZ

Toning beauty water that gently removes all last traces of make-up and cleanses the skin by promoting impurity elimination for clear, soft and glowing skin.

1,390 THB

Tomato Cleansing Oil
200ml – 6.76 FL.OZ.

A fine face and eye make-up remover and cleanser combining sensory enjoyment and high effectiveness.

1,290 THB

Tomato Cleansing Water
200ml – 6.76 FL.OZ.

The express 3-in-1 face and eye step: removes make-up, cleanses, tones.

1,350 THB

Tomato Silky Cleansing Cream
150ml – 5.07 FL.OZ

Anti-pollution face cleansing cream that turns into a foam on contact with water for perfectly cleansed skin rid of impurities.

1,450 THB

Honey-Almond Balm
150ml – 5.07 FL.OZ.

A gentle scrubbing balm with honey and almond slivers for a face and body soft exfoliation.

1,150 THB

Satin Skin Dry Oil
100ml – 3.38 FL.OZ.

Face, body and hair dry oil by Ella Baché: it is infused with precious oils to take your beauty to the next level.

1,750 THB

Green-Lift Spirulina Lifting Eye Cream
15 ml / 0.5 fl oz

Lifting eye contour cream for adults’ skin that visibly reduces slackening of eyelids, puffiness, and dark circles

2,250 THB

Magistral Serum Hydra Cellular 6.7%
30ml – 1.01 FL.OZ

This serum with proven effectiveness after 7 days reduces tightness by rehydrating the skin thanks to its formula enriched with antioxidant apple polyphenols and plumping hyaluronic acid.

1,050 THB

Magistral Pure Focus Corrector 19.3%
10ml – 0.34 FL.OZ.

A tinted correcting fluid targeting local blemishes thanks to a drie and conceal effect is adapted to all skin tones.

2,050 THB

The Original Tomato Cream
50ml – 1,69 FL.OZ.

Iconic since 1936, The Original Tomato Cream is rich in vitamins, fruit acids and lycopenes for a long-lasting hydration and a radiant complexion.

1,750 THB

Green-Lift Spirulina Lifting Eye Cream
15 ml / 0.5 fl oz

Lifting eye contour cream for adults’ skin that visibly reduces slackening of eyelids, puffiness, and dark circles

1,950 THB

Radiance Bubbles Charcoal Mask
Set of 5 masks (20ml/mask)
(0.68 FL.OZ./mask)

SPECTACULAR ! Charcoal mask made of cellulose pulp.
This black mask is infused with a serum rich in fruits acids, Aloe Vera and a Bubble complex.

2,900 THB

Bio-Cellulose Hydrating Mask
Set of 5 masks (16ml/mask)
(0.54 FL.OZ./mask)

Fun, trendy, effective… and Instagrammable! A sparkling pop rose-coloured Bio-cellulose expert Mask, rich in hyaluronic acid & rose hydrosol for an intense hydration.

2,990 THB

Magistral Mask Intex 43.3%
Set of 5 masks (8ml/mask)
(0.27 FL.OZ./mask)

This SOS mask for damaged skin intensely and durably moisturizes the skin. The Magistral Mask Intex 43.3% repairs damaged skin thanks to its second skin formula with coconut water and aloe vera.