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Famona - Hands Slow Age

Hand & Nail Artist
Anti-Aging hand Treatment.


Dry, rough hands skin, hands skin that needs
regeneration with visible aging signs and lack
of elasticity, visible discolorations

Regenerated, moisturized and smooth
hands. Strengthened skin immunity to
external factors. Rejuvenated skin on hands

herbal extracts: licorice, bearberry, lemon
and mulberry, resulting in brightening,
anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effect
MELASLOW – Japanese tangerine extract,
which brightens the skin and reduces
discolorations and age spots
AHA ACIDS – combination of acids: glycol,
malic, citric and lactic, shows keratolytic
activity, gradually and gently exfoliates
skin, smoothes and improves the
appearance of skin


770 THB

Tri-Active Hands
Scrub Anti-Ageing

Advanced anti-aging hand scrub based on a triple exfoliating and eroding system. Effectively cleanses and exfoliates dead skin cells, lightens discolorations and reduces their visibility, evens out the skin tone, smoothes the skin of the hands.Peeling dedicated for rough, dry skin, requiring regeneration, with clear signs of aging.

1,050 THB

Brightening – Anti-Aging
Parafin Mask for Hands

A creamy hand mask, the warming formula of which activates during massage and improves the penetration of active ingredients. It
smoothes and nourishes the skin, increases its firmness and elasticity, lightens discolorations and evens out the color, reduces the visibility of ageฤ spots. It stimulates the renewal and regeneration of the epidermis, rejuvenates and improves the appearance of your hand skin.

770 THB

Hands Serum

Unique, instantly absorbing skin serum that guarantees the effect of delicate and silky smooth hands. It improves skin firmness and elasticity, intensively moisturizes and strengthens its hydrolipid barrier. Thanks to the anti-aging ingredients, it delays the aging process, brightens and evens the skin tone, restoring the skin’s younger and healthier appearance. It does not leave a greasy and sticky feeling.

480 THB


The Cream is Recomended for Oily, Mixed Skin as wel as for the Skin Prone to Acne. Contains UVA, UVB Filters as wel as Kaolin, Vitamin E and Panthenol. Eliminates Excesive Oilness. Moisturizes the Skin.