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Famona - Nivera Zioner

Refreshing & Anti-Sweating


Excessively keratinised, intensively perspired
feet, swelling, feeling of heavy feet.

Hydrated and softened the stratum corneum
of the epidermis, strengthened natural
protective barrier, reduced excessive
sweating of feet, improved microcirculation
and reduced swelling, relief to tired feet,
antibacterial prophylactics.

UREA – softens the stratum corneum,
facilitates penetration of active ingredients
and supports proper level of skin hydration.
BEESWAX – softens and regenerates the skin.
COMMON SAGE EXTRACT – has tightening
and refreshing properties, reduces redness
and possesses antibacterial properties.
ODOUR STOP SYSTEM – effectively neutralizes
unpleasant smell of sweat


1,540 THB


Foot Bath Salt

The bath with the use of Mineral salt, perfectly prepares feet for pedicure treatment. Recommended for very dry, rough, excessively calloused and sweaty skin. The product softens calloused epidermis, thanks to which corns and tylomas are easier to remove. It also disinfects, refreshes and reduces the unpleasant smell of sweat.

Famona Foot Scrub

1,190 THB

Nivela Zione
Foot Scrubb

Intensively cleansing product recommended for feet and knees exfoliation, especially for dry and excessively calloused skin. Thoroughly cleanses and exfoliates dead epidermis. Stimulates blood microcirculation and prepares the skin for absorbing active ingredients from subsequently applied products.

Famona Softening Foot Mask

1,190 THB

Foot Mask

Intensively softening creamy mask recommended for very dry and rough feet. With nourishing and moisturizing properties, it reduces excessively calloused epidermis, smoothies as well as prevents new corns and tylomas from occurring.

1,960 THB

Foot Cream

Foot cream used at the end of the treatment. Dedicated to intensively sweaty feet. The cream strongly regenerates, reducing dryness and roughness of the epidermis. Protects from cracking as well as soothes irritations. The product also refreshes and prevents sweating feet.