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Exfoliating Treatment for
Strongly Calloused Feet.


Strongly calloused, dry, rough and damaged
skin. Propensity to form tylomas and corns. Use
during Podologic treatments.

Strongly softened and exfoliated
calloused epidermis, stimulation of
renewal and regeneration of the
epidermis, intensive smoothing, Reduced
tendency to excessive keratinisation and
cracking of the epidermis.

PEDI-PRO ACIDS COMPLEX – complex of fruity acids, such as:
glycolic, lactic, citric, malic and salicylic acids.
Thoroughly loosens the connections between corneocytes as well
as regulates the process of excessive exfoliation and overdrying
the skin. The complex effectively softens keratinisation of the skin
and facilitates faster and easier removal of thick and rough skin.
UREA – softens the stratum corneum and facilitates penetration of
active ingredients.


1,540 THB

Strongly Softening Foot Bath Salt with AHA & BHA Acids

Specialist foot bath product, being a conjunction of mineral salt, urea and AHA & BHA acids. Dedicated mainly for excessively calloused epidermis,thickening, very dry, rough and damaged skin. Effectively cleanses and refreshes the feet, loosens the connections between epidermal cells in in order to facilitate mechanical removal. The salt also softens keratinization, provides the skin with needful minerals and microelements, hydrates, smoothes and restores healthy appearance.

910 THB

Softening Foot Cream Mask

with AHA & BHA Acids

The preparation ensures optimalhydration and softening of the skin, as well as brightening of the nail plate. It reduces the tendency to the formation of corns, calluses and cracks in the skin. Cream mask in the form of light foam spreads easily and conveniently, absorbs quickly and penetrates into the deep layers of the skin, leaving no unpleasant feeling of greasiness and stickiness.

1,190 THB

Foot Gel

Podologic product dedicated for strongly calloused and damaged feet, prone to corns and tylomas forming. The gel is also intended during Podologic treatments. It strongly softens, exfoliates calloused epidermis, stimulates renewal and regeneration. Intensively smoothes and reduces tendency to excessive keratinisation and cracking of the epidermis.