The world’s first and only Pediceutical® foot care line from Canada,
offering innovative foot care products, that provide effective and
transformational results to the skin and nails of the feet.

Taking your salon to the next level, to be more than normal manicure
and pedicure services

Footlogix offers the highest level of service and are trusted by millions
of feet in over 70 countries. With satisfaction from the first trial.

“At Home” Foot Care

Spray-on formula provides an effective, instant softening treatment for calluses.
Non-acids formula, no need to wash off. 

Packaged in an easy to use 360-degree spray bottle, it works from any angle

Scrub your feet with Foot File which is double-sided, made with high quality stainless steel, it is light-weight, easy to use with a rubberized handle.

Foot File can be used multi-directionally without shredding the skin.

The result is visible from the first use. 

This foot care combo can be used for bed-ridden patients, seniors, patients with diabetes.

This non-aggressive formula is safe
and easy to use.

Callused Skin A foot callus is formed when thick, hardened skin accumulates over areas
of continual friction or pressure usually on the sides and soles of the feet.
The result is visible from the first use. Many reviews from salon users and customers worldwide.