A revolutionary eyelash lift system that makes lashes healthier without damaging them. While other lash lift brands suppress lash pain by replenishing keratin in the lashes during the treatment. While other lash lift brands suppress lash pain by replenishing keratin during the process, this system minimizes lash damage by eliminating the use of any alkali agents. In addition, our proprietary technology creates natural and stunningly beautiful upper-lightly raised lashes are achieved.


The most perfect lash lift kit. The process uses keratin-based solutions for optimal safety, comfort and health. The latest technology from Japan gives an incredible result as beautiful as an eyelash extension is now available here for the first time in Thailand.



Promotes healthy hair growth and help lashes grow thicker significantly Stimulate new hair growth with amazing results within 2-3 weeks (continuously use is required) Easy to apply with blush-on application, helps to increase the efficiencies to nourish all over lashes and brows Helps the eyelash extensions last longer than ever (with Aloe Vera extract) Oil-Free lash serum. Recommend to use during wearing eyelash extensions (does not reduce the effectiveness of glue) Important Ingredients: Water, BG, Aloe Vera Liquid-1 polyquaternium-51, trehalose, tocopheryl acetate, xanthan gum, PEG-60 hydrogenated castor oil, sodium benzoate, methylparaben

MW Lash Serum No. 1 Best Seller Product in Japan

‼It is proven‼ helps stimulate lash growth and keep lashes healthy, thicker and fuller within 2-3 weeks‼ Has sold over 1,000 pieces per month by salon users and sub-distributors in Thailand

MW Lash Serum : Brush-on application

Developed by The ophthalmologist from Japan, Dr. Thom. Clinical cosmetic brand straight to your doorstep to help your eyelash longer, fuller healthier within 3 weeks.