ESSENTIALS The secret to professional manicures and pedicures that last is proper preparation and products that work for the nail technician by providing instant, quality results. Morgan Taylor provides the perfect balance of these two principles with Essentials; a line of high efficacy products with fast-acting and mild formulas. Its unique formulas with Bio-Organic Complex produce unparalleled results.


Bio-Organic Complex with Panthenol is a vitamin and mineral complex that is designed to create a protective coating around the skin’s keratin protein structure. It protects the hydrogen and salt bridges which help maintain the skin’s optimum moisture even under harsh salon conditions. Bio-Organic Complex is the cornerstone of the mild and effective nature that sets the Essentials line apart.


860 THB / 1,480 THB
#61500 / #38800

Pure Cleanse – Nail Cleansing Spray
120ml. / 240ml.

Waterless Cleanser for nails and tools.

550 THB

remEDY — Renewing Cuticle Oil

Moisturizing Anti-Oxidant Grapeseed, Vitamin E, Sunflower and Safflower nail and cuticle oil.

860 THB / 1,480 THB
#61500 / #38800

accelERATE — Quick Dry Spray
120ml. / 240ml.

Dry to the touch in 60 seconds! Spray for fast general application

330 THB / 560 THB / 1,630 THB
#79100 / #63300 / #47900

strip EASE — Lacquer Remover
120ml. / 240ml. / 960ml.

Removes lacquer including darks and glitters while protecting skin from harsh salon conditions.

420 THB

reANIMATE — Lacquer Thinner

Lacquer Thinner.