The phirosophe is Growing natural nails is not just part of our business… it is our business. Long-established brand specializing in nail treatments to keep nails healthy or repair damaged nails.

 Products are specially designned for each nail type as normal nail, Soft and peeling nail, hard and brittle nail, weak and damaged nail. Nail Tek employs the concept of Assistive Science in which the products are based on real science designed to deliver natural results. All NAIL TEK products are DBP and Toluene FREE.


Promotes Healthy Nails

Perfect nail treatment to prevent damaging, peeling, or breaking your nails. Use it as a top or base coat over polish. After a week, remove polish and begin again. Have your dry, peeling nails look like they’re glued back together!

Cruelty-free Nail Strengthener

A miracle nail fix! 100% cruelty-free, Dibutyl Phthalate, and Toluene-free for naturally improved nails. Completely compatible and may be used in combination with all other Nail Tek and Hydration Therapy nail care products.

Fast Drying and Easy to Apply

Nail Tek Intensive Therapy 2 evenly coats the nail for that healthy natural sheen. Two thin coatings on clean natural nails add shine, strength, and flexibility giving you a perfect set of durable healthy looking nails.


Voted “Best Natural Nail Treatment” by Salon Professionals! Nail Tek is advanced nail therapy. Nail Tek understands stubborn nail problems. That’s why they have formulated a wide variety of nail treatments to treat every nail care need.

540 THB

Nail Tek II : Ridge filling strengthener
for soft, peeling nails

This unique base coat is a special blend of strengtheners, conditioners, and natural fillers formulated to minimize nail breakage and peeling. It smooths uneven nail surfaces and masks nail imperfections in just one coat!

540 THB

Nail Tek II : Intensive Therapy
for soft and peeling nails

Helps to improve weak, damaged, nails. It reinforces and thickens while promoting strength and flexibility.

360 THB

Nail Tek : RENEW with Tea Tree Cuticle Oil 0.5oz

This cuticle oil is a unique blend of effective ingredients, essential oils and rich moisturizers that protect and maintain healthy cuticles and nails.