Farmona Natural Cosmetics Laboratory was established in 1997 in Krakow. The
company’s philosophy combines the latestachievements of modern cosmetology and
the nutritional power of natural plant ingredients.

In 2002, the FarmonaProfessional brand was created, which from
the beginning was created exclusively for professionals. Our preparations are still
created under the watchful eye of an experienced and passionate team of cosmetologists,
pharmacists and technologists.

We are one of the leaders ofthe professional cosmetics market. Our clients value our innovation,
Hhigh quality and effectiveness of natural cosmetics. We combine the achievements of modern
technology with the power of the highest quality natural active ingredients.


Farmona® Hands Slow Age
Hand & Nail Artist
Anti-Aging hand Treatment.

Farmona® Hands Repair
Soothing & Hydrating
Hand Treatment.

Farmona® Nivera Zione
Refreshing & Anti-Sweating

Farmona® Podo Logic
Exfoliating Treatment for
Strongly Calloused Feet.

Farmona® Sun
Homecare Product
Face Creame Oil Free.